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Отзыв   о EMVY

Girls, thank you so much! Amazing cosmetics!!! I just fell in love with eye cream! It moisturizes the skin and instantly erases signs of fatigue! I never part with serum and tonic - they are always in my cosmetic bag! This is the perfect solution to restore proper balance and moisturize the skin! I also really like the cleanser! Remarkably cleanses the skin without drying it. I also want to note that I am a lover of the bath! We as a family usually have a bath day on Sunday! This is where I use deep cleansing - scrub and then apply the mask. My skin shines like a diamond after this treatment!

Отзыв diamondluxomsk  о EMVY

I wanted to write a review on EMVY cosmetics for a very long time. I am a cosmetologist and the most important things I look after is composition and final result. In this case, the composition is absolutely perfect: natural ingredients that provide both hydration and a healthy radiance of the skin. And I want to share the delight of the result with you - I have been using the entire line for 2 months - morning and evening. The skin is soft, saturated and moisturized. It is easy to use and very convenient, it does not dry up thanks to pumps with dispensers. A pink design pleases the eye. So, I sincerely recommend it to all my clients and friends.

Отзыв zberberr  о EMVY

I was pleasantly surprised! I have very dry and susceptible skin, but there were no problems and no negative reactions with EMVY. Only one problem - it gets used up quickly.

Отзыв yanakazaryana  о EMVY

I really liked your skincare products. I especially want to highlight its effectiveness - my skin is soft and nourished! Your products smell very nice too!

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