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Stem Sells

Obtained using the patented HTNTM technology. This is an advanced laboratory-grown method for plant stem cells, including cells from rare and endangered plant species, which makes it possible to extract active ingredients from the widest possible range of natural raw materials. Compared to traditional rural production, HTNTM technology is much more economical in terms of water consumption and soil footprint with no pesticides or other additives. HTNTM technology reduces the toxic risk to humans and preserves the natural balance of the ecosystem.


Red Grapes

In modern cosmetology, it is considered to be one of the most effective ingredients that resist age-related changes. The very appearance of this “royal berry is the dream of every woman”, it is elastic, smooth and has a delicate skin. Thus, nature itself suggests its outstanding abilities to rejuvenate and transform our skin. The composition of the grapes make it a real natural balm: